New coffee ???????????????

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what are your favourite coffees, i'm into mocha at the moment, anyone got some faves that I could try





  1. Komodo Dragon beans from Starbuck's are the best thing they sell ..... otherwise, I use arabica espresso beans  or Antigua beans, French roasted

  2. I love coffee!

    There is this greta coffee place by me,

    with awesome lattes (i love lattes).

    1) Amaretto Latte.

    2) Its Not Ginger Its Strawberry Blonde (Gingerbread Latte)

    3) Vanilla Latte

    4) Chocolate Orange Coffee

    5) Banana & Toffee Cappuccino.


  3. You should definitely try the carmel macchiato from starbucks....this is the first espresso based drink that I tasted from Starbucks that does not require any additional work on your part.

  4. YES latte macchiato its my favourite one

  5. I'm not really a flavoured coffee person I just like a latte or a espresso when needed

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