New Zealand to beat South Africa at World Twenty20?

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Will New Zealand beat South Africa in their Super Eight match at the World Twenty20?




  1. Morkel will enjoy the bounce at Kensington Oval though, although I'll concede that the Kiwis have the better slow bowlers.

  2. Brian
    Morne Morkel is not a good bowler. His brother's a bit of a liability with the ball in his hand, and always bowls four overs!

    NZ are the smarter side with better slower bowling options imho

  3. South Africa do have Dale Steyn and Morne Morkel on a pitch that should be quicker than at other grounds at the World Twenty20.
  4. Brian
    I favour the NZers at 11/8

    NZ are superior in the bowling dept. South Africa may have a stronger-looking batting lin-up, but I just don't trust them in this form of cricket

  5. South Africa have the talent to win this, but New Zealand tend to perform well at ICC tournaments. I’m leaning towards South Africa.

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