New York Mets lose 6-11 against St. Louis Cardinals – MLB Update

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New York Mets lose 6-11 against St. Louis Cardinals – MLB Update

New York Mets lost 6-11 against St. Louis Cardinals on Tuesday, September 20 at Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri.
The Cardinals needed a win to stay in contention for the postseason with Atlanta Braves and a six-run seventh inning guaranteed them the desired result.
Facing a deficit of one-runs, Ryan Theriot came in as pinch hitter for Daniel Descalso in the seventh inning and made full use of his only at-bat, hitting a ground rule double to centre-field, to allow Albert Pujols and Lance Berkman a run each.
Adron Chambers replicated Theriot in the same inning, coming in as pinch hitter for Tony Cruz and driving in three-runs from his only at-bat towards right-flank. David Freese, Theriot and Yadier Molina completed a run each on Chambers’ triple to take the
score to 10-6 before Chambers’ scored on the subsequent play to extend the lead to five-runs.
Earlier in the game, Jose Reyes scored in the first inning of Lucas Duda’s RBI to give the visitors an early advantage before he added another in the third to double the lead for the Mets. Signalling a return to form after a lean patch, Reyes went 1-for-4
in the game and scored two runs to see his batting average surge to .331 for the season.
Angel Pagan and Willie Harris added a run each in the third inning to extend Mets’ advantage to four-runs in the game and impose pressure on the Cardinals, who are trying hard to eradicate the three-game deficit they face in the Wild Card standings.
Mike Pelfrey, however, failed to hold this advantage and leaked five runs over the next two innings to see the home side wipe-out the deficit and draw level as early as the fifth inning. Nonetheless, Pelfrey was lucky to get a no-decision even after such
a horrendous performance.
Pujols and Allen Craig scored two runs each for the Cardinals to clarify the team’s intent and desperation of making it through to the postseason. Pujols, however, was quick to add that a lot hard work still needs to be done if the Cardinals have to topple
the Braves in the standings.
The Cardinals have dropped just two games from their last 13 outings and have just eight more games to play in the regular season.



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