New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees happy with assistant coach Joe Vitt leading team in 2012-13

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New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees happy with assistant coach Joe Vitt leading team in 2012-13
The New Orleans Saints on Wednesday announced that assistant coach, Joe Vitt will be taking over the role of head coach for the 2012-13 season while Sean Payton serves his one year suspension.
Payton is suspended for denying the existence of the bounty program to league investigators while also doing nothing to shut it down. The National Football League (NFL) also suspended general manager, Mickey Loomis and Vitt for eight and six games respectively.
Vitt will oversee the preseason training camp for the Saints and will take over duties in the regular season after missing out on the first six games of the season.
The franchise has yet to decide on who will take over the Saints while Vitt serves his suspension.
Saints players seem pleased with the decision especially quarterback and leader, Drew Brees who in an email to the media said that Vitt was the “obvious choice” for the job.
Brees wrote in his email.
“He is the obvious choice and the best choice. I believe I speak for our entire team when I say we believe in him as much as he believes in us."
Adding further he said.
“Joe Vitt is one of the most respected coaches I have ever been around. His ability to lead this team in an uncertain time throughout this offseason and for whatever term we have him during the regular season is undeniable in our locker room."
The Saints were linked with future Hall of Fame coach, Bill Parcells for the job but the 70-year-old confirmed earlier this week that he will remain in retirement and has no plans to take over.
The quarterback was not the only player to laud the decision.
Wide receiver, Lance Moore was happy at the prospect of Vitt leading the team for the season.
"That's the fiery guy, and he gives the energy when he speaks. When he speaks, people listen. I think it's a good fit for us."
The assistant coach has also previously taken over the head coaching role for an interim period. Last season while coach Sean Payton recovered from a knee injury due to a sideline collision, Vitt took over the role and helped continue the Saints winning
momentum as they ended the season with a 13-3 record.
This time there is more responsibility on the assistant coach’s shoulders as the Saints prepare for a season that has already been marred by the bounty scandal.



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