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i just bought the recon cs-6 but i don't really like it and i'm thinking of returning it for the mag strike which one is better? mag strike or recon




  1. I&#039;ve heard nothing but complaints about the Recon. Two of my friends have the Recon and I&#039;ve tried to fire each one. They both jam 90% of the time, and of the other 10% only about one dart will fly true, then if you&#039;re lucky two more will come out, but only go about 15 inches past the barrel.

    I&#039;ve never used or even seen the Mag Strike.

    Personally, I have the N-Strike Maverick, which when loaded and fired correctly, has very impressive range and accuracy. It holds six darts at a time in an automatically rotating chamber and has a slide on top to c**k the weapon. Get your trigger technique smooth and you can quickdraw like no one&#039;s business. It&#039;s a very good medium range weapon.

    I also have a Rapid Fire 20 for the heat of battle. It&#039;s annoying (and makes my arm sore) to pump it up, but the close quarters results are a great asset.

    I also have the N-Strike Nite Finder. If you play in dark settings, the &quot;laser&quot; sight (just a focused red flashlight beam) will give away your position, but you can beat the LongShot&#039;s distance with the streamline darts (::cough:: if you remove the air restrictor ::cough::).

    Really, it depends on your style. If you like to run and gun, you&#039;ll need something to fire quickly, preferably self-cocking (keep your jokes to yourself).

    Another friend of mine has the N-Strike Firefly. It&#039;s not a bad choice at all. I would advise that over the Recon. I haven&#039;t found it at Toys R Us, but you can find it on Amazon, and I THINK I heard that it&#039;s a Wal-Mart exclusive, but that could be a crock.

    Hope that helps!

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