Neil Ramirez jumps from Class A Advanced Carolina League to Triple A Round Rock

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Neil Ramirez jumps from Class A Advanced Carolina League to Triple A Round Rock
Texas Rangers do not have a big names list for prospects but one player is turning out to be a sensation in the minor league. Neil Ramirez has not been a fabled star in the farm system but now he is turning out to be a rising star in Triple A.
The ace was called from Class A Advanced Carolina League to replace Eric Hurley in the Round Rock line up.
Some thought the call to be unusual but it soon paid dividends, as the maverick pulled out two stunning performances, earning no run in his dashing appearances. The 21-year old is keeping a positive mindset on his approach, sticking to the task at hand and
keeping all the small goals in perspective.
After having a bad season in 2009 and an average one in 2010, the star is turning up good performances with just six hits allowed in 15 2/3 innings. The hitters have managed to bat on an average of .115 against him.
Furthermore, the hurler has appealed to farm Director Scott Servais, who sees him as a future Rangers ball thrower.
As to how long he can keep his performance up, Ramirez is not thinking along those lines. He is keeping his slate clean for as long as he can.
"I try not to think about it too much. All that stuff will take care of itself in the long run", Ramirez said. "I try to be competitive and, hopefully, if I can do that every time I do that and have some results, maybe I can stay.
But whatever they feel is good for my development, I'm fine with. I think coming up here and seeing what it's like at a higher level, it's helped my confidence a lot. These guys are a lot more patient here, so you have to make pitches and get ahead. It's
the same game as it is everywhere".
The pitcher concluded his statement by saying that once any pitcher is able to get ahead of hitters they are bound to be successful.



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