Neighbor's chimney makes my house smell like smoke

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  1. write a letter to your neighbor - send it CERTIFIED (get a signed receipt).  say that the smoke is affecting your family's health and you insist that she either stop burning fires or find a manner to "clean" the smoke so that it does not affect you.  Say in no uncertain terms that if she does not solve the problem within 2 weeks of your letter, you will be contacting an attorney to force her to stop polluting your air, and SHE will be responsible for all court costs as well as extra damages for your time, trouble, and pain and suffering to date.  That should put an end to the dragon queen.  I live next door to a similar genius - this one finds a way to offend my eyes, ears and or nose on an hourly basis.  Good luck.  There is unfortunately no long term solution other than moving or a hit man.  But then Lord only knows what yokel you will get as your next neighbor.  America is truly becoming a CLASSless society (that is, our neighbors have none).

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