Need advice to implement new business idea!!!!!!?

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I have a new business idea in mind. I just want your great advice on this kind of business. When we need any household product food, vegetable, bakery products etc, we usually go to the market to buy these such kind of consumer goods.

It is so easy, if a goods van/vehicle can come daily in our street to sell goods. Thus customer’s gets from this running retail shop everything, which they are desired. Hence, it is time consuming service for the customer. It gives also economic margins to the customers like saving in transportation up to the market.

On a entrepreneur’s aspect, this process is seems similar, if he opted a shop in a main market & paid there rent. There he has to pay only vehicle charges like fuel, driver wage. One step ahead...... an important fact is that through this retail selling system we can cover & fulfill our whole territory customer’s demand. Thus I can earn huge profits. By this process the other market retailers might be




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