NCAA investigation rules on Michigan Wolverines investigation

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NCAA investigation rules on Michigan Wolverines investigation
The NCAA has ruled that Michigan Wolverines head coach Rich Rodriguez did not fail to promote an atmosphere of compliance.
The Wolverines football program came under scrutiny when an article in the Detroit Free Press accused the school of numerous violations, which centred on the university working over the NCAA imposed practice and workout limit.
The NCAA followed up the Detroit Free Press article with an investigation. The college governing body accused Michigan of breaking five rules, four of which the school admitted to breaking. However, the school denied that Rodriguez had not been promoting
an atmosphere of compliance with NCAA rules.
The Wolverines quickly put into effect several self-imposed sanctions, which included scaling back their training time by 130 hours over the next two years and also reprimanded the club’s head coach and seven other people affiliated with the team.
The Wolverines accepted the ruling as good news. However, early reports indicate that Michigan will not be bowl eligible for another season. Meaning regardless of whether or not the club obtains the six wins needed to qualify for a bowl they will not be
included in the selection process.
The ruling is very good news for Rodriguez, who has already been under pressure from the university. The Wolverines are stumbling down the stretch and have now lost three straight games. In addition, the club’s defence and overall game plan has been called
into question in recent weeks.
Nevertheless, another year without bowl eligibility will likely hurt a program that has had difficulty over the past three seasons. Many are saying that Rodriguez could be gone at the end of this year. Nonetheless, it is clear if he is not able to get the
program back on its feet by 2011, the school will be in search of his replacement.
The Wolverines' next game is against the Illinois Illini on Saturday 6 November.  



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