NBA special report, the Carmelo Anthony trade, a saga within

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NBA special report: the Carmelo Anthony trade, a saga within
The trade rumour is in the air. While Anthony might be shrugging off the very root of this concept, who knows what’s going on in the 26-year-old’s mind? As it is said, “Whatever you hold in your mind will tend to occur in your life...”
Almost 10 days ago, the player when asked about the trade, speculated and denied the very idea of it. After losing 96-87 to the New Orleans Hornets at home, the Denver Nuggets were cut off to a deficit. The clash took place on Sunday 9th January,
2011 at the Pepsi Centre, Denver, CO.  When ‘Melo’ was asked about the deal development, the player generated a very simple reply and expressed, “Not at all. Not at all. Not at all. Not at all. I just don't see that happening right now.” A very diplomatic
comeback, though.
Anthony is one of the top five scorers of the NBA. He holds a Gold medal in 2008 Beijing Olympics and one in 2007’s Las Vegas FIBA Championship. The player is with the Nuggets since his enrolment in the Organisation. The basketball ace maintains a high profile
and has an average of 24.6 points per game. The Syracuse graduate has a whopping 13,474 career points and 3,452 rebounds. This year, however, an atmosphere has been created of him being traded to the Nets, along with two more key players of the Nuggets. Melo
is one of the best players on the squad. He refused to sign an extension contract before this season began. This peculiar act caused suspicion among everyone and created rumours that only increased with the passage of time.
Anthony is a million dollars baby! The New Jersey Nets are offering to trade off six players for this trade. Wait, did I forget to mention that the Nets are also putting their fingers on former Detroit Pistons teammates, Chauncey Billups and Richard Hamilton.
Although the teams tried to cool off the rumours surrounding the trade 11 days ago, both teams are still negotiating over the price of the trade. If agreed to the deal, the player will get to sign a $65 million, three year contract extension and that too,
if the teams agree. Both squads discussed a negotiation on Tuesday 18th January, 2011 but there has not been much progress in the matter. After more than a dozen players went under a mega trade deal, the
Melo-deal also fuelled up. This thing has for sure taken longer than it should have but this is NBA, “where amazing things happen.”
Even the competitors’ companions are now fed up of the possibility, whatever it may be. Dwayne Wade, a friend of Melo who plays shooting guard/point guard for the Miami Heat, expressed his remarks over the exchange rumour, “I stopped following it. It's getting
to the point where you're just like, move on already or don't, I'm sure 'Melo is more tired of it than anybody. But it's just to the point, as a sports fan, you're just, 'All right, it's just enough.' I'm sure for everybody in Denver and everybody in New Jersey
as well, and whatever other team comes into it, it's been a long saga. It's been a long soap opera. Hopefully it comes to an end and they can focus on basketball.”
Well, I think Wade is right, this epic tale must be concluded. Even Melo is tired of the entire hustle bustle and expressed his disappointment, “I don't want to talk to nobody. I'll let the front office handle that. It ain't my job to be talking to New Jersey,
New York, Lakers, Dallas, no one. That's not my job to do.”
Let’s wind it up and wish Anthony all the best.
Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are solely of the writer’s. They do not reflect’s official editorial policy.



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