NBA Update: New Orleans Hornets taken aback by Utah Jazz's performance

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NBA Update: New Orleans Hornets taken aback by Utah Jazz's performance
The game has covered 1 hour 44 minutes and the Energy Solutions Arena, Salt Lake City is crowded with 19,237 basketball fans.
The lead has changed one time and the game has been tied two times between the Utah Jazz and New Orleans Hornets so far.
Player Stats
Deron Williams has scored 26 points, Al Jefferson has made 21 and Paul Millsap has scored 17 points for the Utah Jazz. At the other end, Chris Paul has made 17, David West has scored 15 and Willie Green has scored 13 points
for the New Orleans Hornets.
Who is at the lead?
Utah Jazz (10-5) is at the lead with 101 against the 84 points made by New Orleans Hornets (11-2) up till now.
Inactive Players
The inactive players are David Andersen, Marcus Banks and Mensah-Bonsu from the Hornets whereas Mehmet Okur is inactive from the Jazz’s end.
Technical Foul
The only technical foul has been committed by Raja Bell from the Jazz team.
First Quarter
Millsap scored two points for the Utah Jazz in the beginning of the first quarter. Bell made a jump shot and Williams added an assist by 7:41 left. The Hornets missed a number of shots in the first quarter with one layup
in the very beginning that was missed by West. Millsap missed a three-pointer at the end of the first quarter as the team made a rebound to cover up for that.
2nd Quarter
C.J. Miles missed a three-pointer in the very start of the 2nd quarter for the Jazz. Quincy Pondexter made an offensive foul at the Hornets’ end. He committed a turnover foul as well. Earl Watson missed
a three-point shot as well. Kyrylo Fesenko grabbed a rebound and soon after missed a tip shot. Green made a personal foul as the 2nd quarter leaped ahead. Watson made a bad pass as he gave a turnover to the Hornets. Ronnie Price made
five points as he secured a turnaround jump shot.
3rd Quarter
Kirilenko, after missing a layup shot, made a rebound and right after that missed a layup shot again. Trevor Ariza missed a three-pointer for the Hornets. Bell gave a turnover to the Hornets as Jefferson made a jump shot
at 9:21 remaining. A number of substitutions took place at 01:09 as Kirilenko was replaced by Miles, Jefferson by Elson, Millsap by Fesenko, and Williams by Watson.
4th Quarter
Jason Smith missed a three-pointer at the beginning of the fourth quarter. Miles dived in to take a layup shot and Green made a three-point shot for the Hornets.



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