NBA Roundup - April 26, 2011: Orlando Magic, Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers win

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NBA Roundup - April 26, 2011: Orlando Magic, Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers win
Orlando Magic vs. Atlanta Hawks
Orlando Magic improved their position in the seven game series by winning comprehensively, 101-76, against the Atlanta Hawks at Amway Centre on Tuesday night.
Guard Jason Richardson was the leading scorer for Orlando. Returning from a one game suspension, Richardson played tremendously throughout the game and contributed
17 points along with three rebounds. J.J. Redick contributed 14 points and forward Ryan Anderson added 11 points along with seven rebounds.
From the Hawks squad, Josh Smith played very well and scored 22 points along with 11 rebounds. His lone efforts were not enough for his team on the night though.
Magic led the Hawks from the very start and never allowed them within striking distance thereafter.
Hawks are still leading the series 3-2 and with the next game due on Thursday at the Amway centre, this duel has become nothing short of an extravaganza.
Chicago Bulls vs. Indiana Pacers
On Tuesday night Chicago Bulls took over the Indiana Pacers with a 116-89 win, putting an end to the Pacers’ campaign this season.
Derrick Rose was prolific as ever, even with his injury.  He scored 25 points along with six assist while forward Luol Deng contributed 24 points along with six rebounds
and seven assists. For the Pacers, Danny Granger was the top scorer with 20 points and six rebounds.
Rose added 11 points in the opening quarter and gave the Bulls a good start. Although Rose saw a reduced playing time, the Bulls maintained their lead throughout
the game and won the game easily.
After leading his team to an emphatic series victory, Rose said. "Speechless right now, I really can't believe it. It's a great accomplishment. I'm happy for my teammates,
happy for my coaching staff. They did a really great job."
Next up, the Bulls will take on either Atlanta Hawks or the Orlando Magic in the Eastern Conference semi-finals.
Los Angeles Lakers vs. New Orleans Hornets
On Tuesday night, Kobe Bryant sparked the Los Angeles Lakers to a 3-2 series lead as they defeated the New Orleans Hornets by 106-90.
Bryant scored 19 points along with four assists while centre Andrew Bynum contributed 18 points along with ten rebounds to help the Lakers get a tremendous victory.
For the Hornets, Trevor Ariza was the top scorer by adding 22 points along with two rebounds and three assists; Marco Belinelli scored 21 points while guard Chris Paul also played very well with 20 points, 12 assists and four rebounds.
Trevor Ariza scored ten points and Marco Belinelli contributed seven points in the opening quarter and gave a good start to the Hornets, 32-23. However, the visitors
failed to maintain their momentum as the Lakers pulled off a 31-19 second period. Lakers took lead at the end of the first half which they, maintained in the second half and won the game easily.



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