NBA Players with huge fan bases around the world – NBA Feature - Part 2

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NBA Players with huge fan bases around the world – NBA Feature - Part 2
2. Dirk Nowitzki
Dirk Nowitzki is probably the best overseas player to be playing basketball in the NBA and if it weren’t for the likes of Hakeem Olajuwon, he would have finished his career as the best foreign player to apply his trait in America.
The widespread fan following of the German giant has been so massive that almost everyone who has remotely started understanding the concept of basketball in the past few years surely knows the name Nowitzki.
If Championships had been won on an individual basis, Nowitzki would have had a lot to show for himself in comparison to the lone championship he won by leading Dallas Mavericks to their first ever success story in franchise history
in 2010-11 season.
The 11 time All-Star had achieved almost every individual honour offered by the NBA before finally winning the all elusive NBA Championship in 2011. Not known for talking much on the court neither off the court, Nowitzki is known
for his astounding ability to shoot the ball.
Dirk’s exploits in the NBA Finals against the Miami Heat may possibly go down as one of the best performances put up by an individual. Not only did he make a name for himself by knocking down unbelievable high difficulty shots,
Nowitzki also achieved great feats from the free throw line in the Miami series.
He may have taken his time in getting to the super stardom level in the NBA but undoubtedly, Nowitzki will possibly go down as one of the best power forwards to play the game of basketball. His huge fan base not only in his home
country of Germany but all around the world is mere proof of the popularity he has achieved in the past few years.
3. Steve Nash
To describe the exploits of the two times MVP Steve Nash with mere words is just not possible, highlighting the fact of how brilliant the Canadian point guard has been throughout his career.
One thing that has escaped Nash’s grasp so far in his career has been the NBA Championship but the hunger to complete that goal still remains large for the 38 year old as he moves towards the final stages of his illustrious career.
If anybody has the choice of being recognized as one of the best point guards to ever play basketball, then that would be Nash who has graced the NBA with his mere brilliance ever since being drafted 1996. It may have taken some
time for him to get his career going towards the super stardom level but when he did, there was no stopping the veteran point guard.
Nash is widely regarded as a hero in Canada and will forever be remembered in the Canadian history as one of the best talents to come of the country. Everybody who is familiar with the game of basketball has gotten used to the
6 feet 3 inch swingman running around pick and rolls and shooting a high percentage of three’s which has earned him a huge fan base all around the world.
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