NBA – New York Knicks lose 106-100 against Minnesota Timberwolves

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NBA – New York Knicks lose 106-100 against Minnesota Timberwolves
The New York Knicks played their 2nd game of the NBA Preseason against Minnesota Timberwolves this Wednesday. The game was played at Palais Omnisports Paris Vercy, Paris in the presence of more than 15,500 fans.
It lasted for 2 hours and 35 minutes and saw the lead change 9 times and the score tied 4 times. At the end, Minnesota Timberwolves emerged victorious by 6 points.
1st Quarter:
The quarter's first points came through an Amare Stoudemire jump shot. Both teams looked weak on the offence and it took 2 minutes for the game to see its second basket. This was also in the favour of New York Knicks as Wilson Chandler made another successful
jump shot.
On the contrary, Timberwolves' main sources of points during the quarter were Michael Beasley and Martell Webster. Both combined to form an unstoppable duo and came up with 2 three-pointers.
At the end of the quarter, New York Knicks were able to score 29 points against the 22 points of Minnesota Timberwolves. The quarter could have seen a lot more baskets but the weak offence in the beginning while strong defence in the end restricted the teams
from scoring on regular basis.
2nd Quarter:
After 2nd quarter started, Anthony Randolph of New York Knicks was able to score a few times. This established a good and healthy lead for the New York Knicks. Stoudemire also scored once through a jump shot. Among other scorers was Landry Fields,
who bagged a brilliant three-pointer.
The rest of the quarter was relatively unproductive in terms of points for the Knicks as they finished with just 19 points. The last points for them and the quarter came through a superb three-pointer by Randolph.
The Minnesota Timberwolves came up with an excellent recovery in the 2nd quarter. Their main scorers were Kevin Love and Michael Beasley. Both helped their team pile up 25 points and cut down the Knicks' lead to just 1 point with the score being
48-47 in favour of Knicks at the end.
3rd Quarter:
Randolph and Stoudemire combined to score most of the points for the New York Knicks as they both managed 26 points in the quarter. At the end of the quarter, New York Knicks were trailing the Minnesota Timberwolves by 9 points. The deficit was to increase
as the game progressed due to the fact that the Minnesota Timberwolves' defence was only getting better.
Later, Timberwolves were able to outplay New York Knicks due to some splendid play by Beasley and Love. But the contribution of Webster enabled Timberwolves to score 10 points more than their opponents.
The end of the quarter witnessed 83-74 for the Minnesota Timberwolves. "After the halftime, we cut down on turnovers. We knew that we had ended up with 30 plus (turnovers), which is atrocious to say the least,'' Love later said.
4th Quarter:
The last quarter was a tough one and both teams were quite close to each other in terms of points scored. The New York Knicks scored 26 points while Minnesota Timberwolves 23.
The match ended on 100-106 for the Minnesota Timberwolves. "We set up really well ... then we made too many fouls but the energy is good", Knicks' coach, Mike D'Antoni said after the match.



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