NBA: Del Negro to Coach Los Angeles Clippers

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NBA: Del Negro to Coach Los Angeles Clippers

Out of nowhere Vinny Del Negro, has landed into the hands of Los Angeles Clippers.  Del Negro the notorious coach was fired last May after having a feud with Chicago Bulls president John Paxson. Although he was the one who should be given credit for getting the Bulls back on track, after their poor performance this season.

Los Angeles Clippers stated that they would release more details by Wednesday.

John Paxson took Mike Dunleavy former coach of the Clippers who quit because he wanted to concentrate on being a general manager. Mike kept an intern coach Kim Hughes but fired him by the end of the season.

Clippers might have roster filled with talented stars Marcus Camby, Chris Kaman, Eric Gordon and Baron Davis they still somehow missed the playoffs for the 15th time in 17 years.  Del Negro comes off as a cheap coach and brings a lot of advantages to a team like Clippers, creating a lot of space for the teams salary cap to in roll stars like LeBron James.

Speculations might be that King James might end up in Clippers, but it will be made certain by Tomorrow, as he is expected to announce where he will be playing his next season on ESPN.

Whether the team succeeds in lowering LeBron or not, Negro will be pretty determined as Blake Griffin, who was last year’s drafts No.1 pick is back on the court after suffering from broke knee cap. The roster also holds All-Star players like, Eric Gordon and Baron Davis who seemed to be pumped this year after Blake’s return.

The team also drafted fresh new players such as Wake Forrest, Willie Warren and Al- Farouq Aminu from this year’s NBA Drafts.

Del Negro apparently got contracted by the Los Angeles Clippers after a giving a convincing interview and the team were quite intrigued by his drive towards the team. Last year Del Negro owed $2M to the Bulls but this year he was under no financial constraint but was keen on moving to clippers.

The general manager for the Clippers Neil Olshey stated that he was willing on drafting new players, players who want to be in the team, players who will give their utmost performance; obviously, the talk was extended on what the team’s thoughts were on hiring a new coach.

Looking back at Dels past to determine whether he is a good coach or not.

Del Negro a graduate from North Carolina State University, who was drafted by the Sacramento Kings as the 29th pick in 1988 NBA Draft. Del was traded between 5 teams after Sacramento but he didn’t even achieve a NBA title or Championship, his poor career ended in 2001. After which he became a radio commentator for the Phoenix Suns.  With a short career as a basketball player and a radio commentator for 7 years, it was announced in 2008 that Del would be replacing Jim Boylan as the head coach of the Chicago Bulls.

Negro did an amazing job with the Chicago Bulls with a record of 41-41 in the first season, taking the team the playoffs where the Bulls played against the Boston Celtics but lost by game seven.

Next year Negro led the team to the playoffs of 2009, seeding eighth in the Eastern Conference, but sadly lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the first round.  Del Negro proved to be an excellent coach despite the fact he had no prior experience but his fight with the general manager of the Chicago Bulls cost him his job. The feud between the two took place because Del made Joakim Noah play extra minutes, even though the player just came back from a foot injury.

Therefore, the question still remains will Del Negro be good for the Los Angeles Clippers.

Del left with a mixed reputation, the rookies love him, but then he is considered a little harsh as a coach due to the Joakim Noah incident, but a guy with no former experience being a coach has certainly proved he has potential after developing young stars like Noah and Derrick Rose.

Clippers have had dozen of coaches previously but none have proved to be worthy, clippers have been desperate for nearly a decade with barely ever making it to the playoffs, if Del can deal with such a demanding team like the Chicago Bulls, he can without doubt take the Clippers somewhere they only have been dreaming for since years.



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