Muslim Royal women buys Bacon for 106 million euros

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Muslim Royal women buys Bacon for 106 million euros. Sheikha of Qatar bought the Bacon of the 106 million euros

Sheikha Al- Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al- Thani , the Emir of Qatar 's sister , was the one who bought last week Three studies of Lucian Freud , Francis Bacon box became , with 142 million dollars ( 105.5 million) , in the most expensive artwork ever sold at auction . The report , conducted by The New York Post, was an open secret in the art market, in which the sister of the Emir of Qatar is considered as the most powerful person in the world, according to the list published annually by these dates ArtReview with its Power 100 . The New York daily says Sheikha has also been the possible buyer of another work of Bacon , one of Mark Rothko and one of Damien Hirst recently auctioned by Sotheby's for a total of 158 million dollars ( 117 million euros).

Three studies of Lucian Freud is a large triptych showing another great contemporary painters , and had been acquired by a well-known New York gallery , Acquavella Gallery, on behalf of a secret client , which according to several sources quoted by the newspaper is Sheikha Mayassa , 30 . Daughter of Emir 's second wife ( who chairs the Qatar Foundation ) , returned home when the powerful machinery and acquisition of works of art had fifty years launched by his family. There is the example of The Card Players by Paul Cezanne, 190 million euros were paid at auction and establishing a record . Or the 224 who have invested in 11 works by Mark Rothko , or the 36 million to buy Child with dove, according to French daily Le Figaro , one of the treasures of the National Gallery in London , and owned by a Welsh family .

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