Mourinho looking forward to Milan hosting Barcelona – Champions League

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The Portuguese mentor is expecting a fair encounter between the two European giants.
The Real Madrid head coach took a jibe at match officials ruling decisions in the favour of La Blaugrana and expressed that he is hopeful that there will be no biased refereeing when AC Milan host Barcelona at the San Siro.
Since the arrival of Pep Guardiola at the Nou Camp, it has been observed that the match officials favour the Catalan giants over any other European team and examples can be taken from numerous fixtures which have taken place in the past.
The most prominent example of this fact can be taken from the Spanish giants’ visit to Stamford Bridge to play the second leg of the semi-finals against Chelsea, in 2009.
The Londoners were a goal up as the game approached a conclusion. However, Andres Iniesta scored a beautiful goal to level proceedings in the 93rd minute of the match.
With the visitors having the advantage of an away goal, the hosts started to play vigorous attacking football. The most controversial moment of the match came when were denied a spot kick, not once but thrice. As a result, the Blues went rampant
and accused the referee of being biased.
The second most commonly known incident occurred when Barcelona faced in last year’s pre-quarterfinals. Having lost the first leg of the match with a score of 2-1 away from home, the Catalans were desperate for a comeback at the Nou Camp.
With the Gunners putting up an impressive display, Barca were in need of something special in order to qualify for the semi-finals, and the match official provided them with exactly what they needed. Arsenal skipper,, was shown a second
yellow and sent-off for kicking the ball after the referee blew the whistle for a free kick.
Many believe that the sending off was unnecessary and that the referee was responsible for aiding Barcelona in defeating Arsenal.
Jose Mourinho, obviously, has been the referees’ most dedicated critic and has voiced his concern regarding the issue more than often.
With Milan facing Milan boss hopes that there will be nothing to say about blunders made by the match officials.
"I hope it is a beautiful game and at the end of it we are not talking about the referee."
AC Milan are set to host Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals first leg on Wednesday, March 28th.



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