Mike Aviles shines as Kansas City Royals defeat Minnesota Twins 10-5 – MLB Update

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Mike Aviles shines as Kansas City Royals defeat Minnesota Twins 10-5 – MLB Update
Mike Aviles put in a tremendous performance to help Kansas City Royals defeat Minnesota Twins 10-5 at Target Field, Minneapolis on Wednesday, April 13.
Aviles hadn’t been performing up to his level but he just turned himself around and blew everyone away, as he drove in three runs and doubled twice.
"Eighteen at-bats over the course of 500, 600 at-bats really is just a little down period," Aviles said. "It wasn't that big of a deal. I was fine, still am."
The fourth inning saw the Royals score six times to break open the game. Alex Gordon joined on the hitting spree and added two hits along with two runs.
During the Royals big innings, Liriano gave up six consecutive hits. His ERA at the start of the game was 7.17. He has previously been knocked from the New York Yankees and the Toronto Blue Jays. Denard Span scored twice for the Twins and was 4-for-4. The
Twins started off as the lowest scoring team in the Major League at the moment.
Although Kyle Davies allowed five runs and ten hits within the duration of five innings, they won. Three of the relievers teamed up to for four scoreless innings in which only two hits were given. Jeremy Jeffers had his first save since he joined the Major
League as he finished two innings.
As the Twins faced problems with their batting, the Kansas City had no such problem.
They kicked off the game having the second best batting average in all of American League. Each starter of the team contributed a hit with the exception of Matt Treanor. Discussing his team’s performance, Kansas City’s Billy Butler said, "We've gotten on
base a lot and if we don't get it here, we'll get it there, we're just doing a good job of putting pressure on teams. We have to continue to do that, force the issue and keep taking the extra base."
Liriano had a 3.62 ERA last year and he stood fifth in the American League with him having 201 strike-outs. He had elbow surgery a good four years ago but it can be seen that he is still recovering from that. In the first three innings he kept the Royals
without a hit.
It has almost become a pattern for him to perform well in his starting innings but he just can’t seem to continue when he comes back around. Hitters bat at just .083 when they come face-to-face with Liriano as he pitches for the first time. By the end of
the match, he had walked one, struck-out four and given up seven runs along with eight innings.



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