Miami Marlins defeat New York Mets 3-1 in Grapefruit League contest - MLB Update

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Miami Marlins defeat New York Mets 3-1 in Grapefruit League contest - MLB Update  
In-fielder Chris Coghlan leads Miami Marlins to 3-1 win against New York Mets at Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter, Florida on March 15, 2012 during their Spring Training Grapefruit League contest.
After missing two games against his former club, Jose Reyes confronted Mets for the first time after clinching a $108 million contract with Marlins. His presence enlivened the crowd from all around the stadium in particular his old Mets fans. For them most
fascinating aspect was seeing him embracing his former team-mates and having a chat with Mets’ manager Terry Collins.
"Of course, I'm going to miss the fans there in New York because of all the support they gave to me," Reyes said. "I'm going to miss that. But like I say, I have new fans now down here in Miami."
In a low scoring game, Mets started off with a lead while Marlins went scoreless until the fifth.
Mets' starter, R.A. Dickey provided them an ideal start and while never allowing any run and a hit, he grabbed one strike-out.
Even better was the pitcher who followed him, Manny Acosta. He gave up only one hit in two innings with three strike-outs. It was the appearance of their reliever Fernando Cabrera that they started leaking runs, which eventually cost them the game.
As for Marlins, starter Josh Johnson had a rough time on the mound. In three innings he went for five hits and one earned run. However he was immediately followed by Heath Bell, Mike Dunn and Brad Hand, pitchers who ensured victory for the side in the end.
Crowned as the winner, Hand threw for two innings and in both he went scoreless.
Meanwhile, amidst the hype emerging after switch over of Reyes to Marlins, Mets’ manager Terry Collins played down his presence in the Marlins and believed that he was not going to consider it anymore than the presence of other players in their team.
"It's all part of the business. It's part of the game," Mets’ manager Terry Collins explained. "It's going to happen. This is a bigger news story for you guys than it is for me. I'm as interested in watching and seeing how Josh Johnson is than I am Jose
Victory has taken Marlins closer to the top position on table and if they continue with the same performance in their next games, soon they will be at the top of the table.  



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