Mexican Boxing vs Puerto Rican Boxing vs British Boxing vs Filipino Boxing?

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Whos better? rate them from better to worst

heres my list

1. mex

2. puerto rico

3. british

4. filipino




  1. well id put in a vote for us (the british) we have david haye- no1 cruiserweight in the world, calzaghe- no1 super-middleweight and no1 light-heavyweight, and ricky hatton, no1 jr welterweght, only the us has as many as three fighters undisputed as no1 in a weight division, and no other country has their flag flying undisputed across 4 divisions, plus amir khan is soon to make an assault on the lightweight division, and maybe more dubiously haye will soon be going for the heavyweight division

  2. Filipinos don't have that many great boxers and if they do, they'd try to get some stardom and fail. It's ironic that they have the best fighter in boxing right now. Pacquiao #1!

    Puerto Rico is considered as Hispanic so they share general audiences. Miguel Cotto is a great boxer, but Mayweather needs to give him a fight so that he can shut up the audience.

  3. Each one of them except the british suck at boxing if it is above super welterweight, the british are the only ones who have had good fighters in both heavy and light weight classes. Here's my list:



    -Puerto Rico


  4. ur list is correct, good job

  5. "you must be mexican, my friend.we all know that a fighter is not great because of his race.he is great because of hia abilitie.The belts and rankings change hands like gears.nobody is great right now.Look at my boy jaun diaz beat by old {black} man,I can't even remember the dude name and I am around boxing everyday except sunday!

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