Mets’ David Wright speaks up about Carlos Beltran

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Mets’ David Wright speaks up about Carlos Beltran

Major League Baseball may have hit the off season but the action hasn’t stopped yet. The on field games are now over after the San Francisco Giants clinched the World Series back in early November. Now with the fixtures over and the sides doing their best
to identify their problems in the roster, the free agents have taken themselves to the helm of the focus. Fresh new blood is out in the market along with veterans. The games may still not be over. The players however will not be part of the action as their
role is now limited and the General Managers have taken the call for duty.
The New York Mets are one team that has been undergoing some considerable changes in their organizational structure. Important figures are seen coming in. The pursuit for the top manager, on the other hand is still on. 5 candidates are being short listed
and with Sandy Alderson being the new manager, things could shape up after Thanksgiving.
Recently, David Wright, one of the Mets’ star players has come out to comment on the idea being tossed around the indecision table regarding Carlos Beltran moving to the right field position from his orthodox centre position. The player stresses on the need
for star hitters to take the role for the team if management requires the player to do so.
David Wright went on to share his ideas about Beltran’s role by saying, "If that's the case, I think they're handling it the way it's supposed to be handled. You go and talk to the players face-to-face and get a response from them. If that's what they feel
is going to make this a better team, I hope Carlos is on board. I'd be shocked if he wasn't. If that's what they feel is best for this team, I hope Carlos listens and understands that and has another great year."
Wright then went on to comment on Citi Field with, "I don't think there's any question that it affects your thought process and your swing. I've kind of learned firsthand that you're just not going to hit very many opposite – field home runs at Citi. But
you just have to deal with it, you have to know the opposing team is going to have to deal with it, and really move on. If they change it, they change it."



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