Mercedes simulator makes Michael Schumacher sick

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Mercedes simulator makes Michael Schumacher sick
Even before the beginning of the season, trouble seems to knock at Michael Schumacher's door. A source close to the driver informed earlier today that Schumacher is not able to spend a lot of time in the driver simulator, as its motion gives him sickness.
The driver had a poor accident in 2009 as he fell from a motorcycle and received several injuries. Owing to the accident, the German is unable to spend a lot of time in simulators. While all the drivers are preparing for the upcoming season, the German is
already far behind his schedule.
Last year, the team did not have a great package and also the driver did not get enough time to practice. It was declared by the team time and again that this had held the driver back from preparation for the Grand Prix and was considered one of the major
reasons behind the abortive season he embraced last year.
On the other hand, his team-mate Nico Rosberg not only gave a considerable time and attention to the practices in the simulator last year but is also doing the same ahead of this season. The young German had a far batter 2010 camping than his much senior
team-mate, Schumacher. He not only wrapped up the season two places ahead of the 42-year-old but also earned 70 more points than Schumacher.
As the source talked to the media earlier today he revealed, "Nico spends a lot of time in the simulator preparing the car for the grand prix weekends." He further stated that with only little more time at his disposal before the first practice session in
Valencia begins, Rosberg is "largely done" with his car’s settings. Contrary to this, he said, "Michael begins with a basic setting … [it is] is one of quite a few very good reasons why Schumacher was sometimes at a disadvantage to Rosberg".
On the other hand, Mercedes GP team boss, Ross Brawn, a great friend and supporter of the racer in the sport, said last December he thought Schumacher would have performed far better last season had the team possessed a "top" driver simulator. He furthermore
revealed that the team factory at Brackley is already busy constructing a new simulator. He believes that this new one will be much improved than what is already being used by the team, however, it would not be fully prepared until the end of this season.



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