Meeting someone you met on online

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  1. I met a guy online we started as friends an we were talking for a long time things started to change and we started a relationship he was older then me an didn’t live close (11 hours away give or take) I went to meet him and it was the most terrifying exciting nerve racking thing I ever did but I don’t regret it even tho it didn’t work out. I had a somewhat good experience but I have heard of others that were not so lucky. My advice is to not rush take ur time really get to now that person if its what u want then go for it …. Just to be on the safe side don’t meet alone or at night for the first few times. I also met one of my very best friends online and met her in real just after she got married she is like a sister to me now even tho we don’t get to see each other on account of the distance. But don’t be put off by all the bad things  u will hear always be safe of course but not everyone online is bad  and fake =) 

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