McLaren assures drivers’ Twitter tirade will not affect championship – Formula 1 news

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McLaren assures drivers’ Twitter tirade will not affect championship – Formula 1 news
McLaren have assured that the exchange between its teammates Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button on the social networking site Twitter will not affect its performance in the championship.
The issue arose earlier this week, when Hamilton accused his teammate Button of unfollowing him on Twitter. Hamilton soon realised that Button had actually never followed him in the first place. After that he apologised to Button.
When Hamilton had accused Button; Button had immediately replied by saying that he had never followed him but the particular tweet went unnoticed by Hamilton, so that it lead to him accusing Button of  being disrespectful. He was quick to correct his mistake
when he read the tweet he had missed.
This has not been the first time that Hamilton has done something embarrassing unintentionally on Twitter. In fact, there has been another incident of the same kind before this where he posted the team’s telemetry picture on the micro blogging site during
the Belgian Grand Prix weekend. Hamilton admits that he needs to reconsider the way he has been using Twitter.
He stated that it has been unfortunate and that it has not been going well with him and Twitter. He says that he likes to use Twitter because it provides a platform for communication between him and his fans confirming that he had not meant to embarrass
his team.
Button said that this particular news was just being exaggerated. He said that he had never followed Hamilton not out of disrespect but of the fact that he saw him every weekend whereas he has been following Sergio Perez who will be his teammate for next
year. Button said it was his way of welcoming Perez.
McLaren’s managing director Jonathan Neale has assured that the exchange will not have any unwanted affect.
“Does it concern us in terms of the relationship in the team going forward and our assault on the championship? No it doesn't,” he told the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes phone-in. “Lewis has already spoken to Jenson out in Mokpo in Korea so we don't have any
concerns about that. As for Twitter itself, it's obviously an important part of the marketing and news space but it has its issues. It's just one of those things where you shrug the shoulders and say that's a bit unfortunate. Lewis corrected to the error and
has spoken to Jenson, so from inside the team we're fine going forward and looking forward to this weekend.”
Button insists that everything is good between him and Hamilton and the team plans to cross the finish line in Brazil.



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