Matt Grevers pockets Men’s 100m backstroke gold – 2012 Southwest Classic Invitational

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Matt Grevers pockets Men’s 100m backstroke gold – 2012 Southwest Classic Invitational
Matt C Grevers of Ford Aquatics-AZ pocketed gold medal of the Men’s 100m backstroke at the 2012 Southwest Classic Invitational in Tucson, Arizona on Saturday, May 5.
The 27-year-old Grevers outshined his challengers with his blistering performance in the double lap backstroke discipline. With his relentless efforts, he gave no chance to his competitors and paved his way to the finishing wall for gold medal.
He remained considerably faster from his challengers throughout the event and reached the finishing end for gold medal with an effort of 55.66 seconds.
His title claiming effort remained almost 1.60 seconds ahead of his teammate, Simon A Burnett, who secured silver medal of the event by clocking a time of 57.28 seconds.
Subsequently, Burnett was followed by Darian R Townsend, who suffered a deficit of 0.46 seconds and stepped on the medal rostrum for bronze medal by clocking a time of 57.74 seconds.
The third position holder was followed by Cory M Chitwood of Arizona-AZ, who stayed 0.26 seconds slower from Townsend and settled on the finishing end as fourth best swimmer with the timing of 58.00 seconds.
Chitwood was chased by his team-member, Mitchell Friedemann, who stayed 0.46 seconds slower from him and emerged on the finishing end as fifth best position holder by clocking a time of 58.46 seconds.
Sixth best spot of the race was obtained by Bryan W O’Connor, who stayed nearly 1.40 seconds apart and hit the finishing end with the timing of 59.87 seconds.
Oriwol experienced strong battle from Ellis Miller of Arizona-AZ in the final lap of the race. The 23-year-old O’Connor was trailed by Tobias Oriwol of Canada, who proved his mettle for seventh fastest spot of the event by touching the wall with the timing of 1 minute and 00.21 seconds.
Last position of the 100m event was secured by Miller, who stayed 0.37 seconds behind and hit the wall with the timing of 1 minute and 00.58 seconds.
The session ended after the completion of all listed events while the position holders were awarded medals and accolades for their wonderful efforts at the prize ceremony of the championship.



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