Matches between Mark Williams and Mark Selby in the 2010-11 snooker season – Part One

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Matches between Mark Williams and Mark Selby in the 2010-11 snooker season – Part One
Mark James Williams and Mark Anthony Selby have gone head-to-head five times during the 2010-11 Snooker season. The cueists clashed in the Premier League Snooker 2010, Snooker Championship League 2011 Group One, German Masters 2011, Players Tour Championship (PTC) 2011 Grand Final and the Snooker Championship League 2011 Winners Group. Premier League Snooker 2010
In the Premier League Snooker 2010 group stage, the 36-year-old Welshman Mark Williams defeated Englishman Mark Selby by 4-2, on Thursday, September 16, at Plymouth Pavilions.
Selby grabbed an early 0-2 lead as he stole the first two frames 3-101 and 0-85, smashing a sensational century break of 101 in the first frame and 84 in the second. The Welsh Potting Machine, Williams, took control of the game after the second frame and swept the table brilliantly in the next four frames with an excellent potting display, which he is famous for.
The 2010 China Open champion, Williams, cued a fantastic century clearance of 113 in the third frame followed by a sensational 48 break, to snatch the fourth frame 67-52. Williams got out of pressure as he moved level at 2-2 with the Leicester potter, Selby. A couple of outstanding knocks of 48 in the fifth and 42 in the sixth frame brought Williams 4-2 up, securing him a terrific first victory over Selby in the season.
Williams next faced China’s Ding Junhui, Australian cueman Neil Robertson, Hong Kong’s Marco Fu, Ronnie O’Sullivan and Shaun Murphy in the league and grabbed the fifth position in the group with five points and 17 frame wins in the end, according to the old rules.
However, the World Snooker has now changed the rules of the premier league in their recent plans to promote the game and increase viewership. Now, the players will be awarded points on the basis of frame wins.
The detailed frame score line of the match was 3-101 (Selby 101), 0-85 (Selby 84), 113-0 (Williams 113), 67-52 (Williams 48), 82-0 (Williams 35, 47), 65-3 (Williams 42).
Snooker Championship League 2011
The next battle between both these stars took place at the Crondon Park Golf Club in Essex, England, on Monday, January 3, 2011, in the Snooker Championship League 2011 group one matches. The matches were played on the round-robin basis, where a group comprises of seven players and points are awarded on each match win.
Williams and Selby were included in Group one along with John Higgins, Ali Carter, Shaun Murphy, Stephen Maguire and Graeme Dott. The former two-time world champion, Williams, outclassed the 27-year-old Selby by 3-1 in their group match. Selby stumbled upon the table stunningly in the beginning, as he pocketed a fine century clearance of 135 to grab the first frame in one visit at 0-135 and take a quick 0-1lead.
The Jester from Leicester, Selby, could not grab another frame as the Welshman, Williams, sparked his cue outstandingly in the match and clinched three consecutive frames hitting some decent breaks of 34, 75 and 50, respectively, to snatch the victory with ease.
The overall score line of the match was 0-135 (Selby 135), 70-12 (Williams 34), 75-0 (Williams 75), 79-0 (Williams 50).
Williams then surged forward in the Championship League and faced Shaun Murphy, John Higgins, Stephen Maguire, Graeme Dott and Ali Carter to book his spot in the semi-final stage. In the play-offs of the Championship League, the left-hander faced Ali Carter again, but this time he lost to him by the score line of 0-3.



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