Mata expects to see Torres at Euro 2012

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Chelsea’s Juan Mata has gone on to insist that will be a part of the Spanish squad that travel to the Euro 2012, since the striker has a whole lot more to contribute to the squad then anyone can imagine.
Due to his poor run of form, Torres was dropped for the first time in five years, when in an international friendly. It was initially believed that the forward was injured, but those rumours were later clarified, as it was stated
that he was dropped for other reasons.
The Spanish forward finally managed to end his goal scoring drought this past weekend, as the Blues took on Leicester City. Torres went on to score two goals in that game and even picked up two assists, as he helped his side win by five goals to two.
When talking about Torres and the possibility of him making the Euro 2012 squad, Mata is quoted to have said: "In the end, I think that Torres will be at the Euros"
 "He has enough credit to play for Spain.”

"He has given a lot to the national team and to the clubs where he has been. I am sure that he will do great things until the end of the season. Del Bosque will have a [selection] problem."

Mata then went on to admit that he was relieved to see the forward score again, since he believes it will help him develop a lot of self confidence.
"He went through a tough period," Mata explained.
"He was suffering because he was not scoring and because everyone wants to play all the time and that was not the case for him.”

"He is playing more often now and he is regaining trust in himself, which is good for him."
Many believe that Torres is finally going to pick his form up again and once that does happen, the striker is going to become unstoppable once again.
Nonetheless, it is now a wait to see just how long it takes the forward to reveal his former self once again. 



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