Masterbation tips for a beginner

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  1. Richard R.Pastars

    Take a hand held mirror and take a good look at your v****a part your labia with your fingers and look inside your inner lips.Feel your clitoris at the top of your labia run your finger over it and explore your vaginal area with your fingers experience the sensations you find.You will eventually find the right areas of pleasure.Rubbing your clitoris slowly at first and increasing your speed will give a lot of pleasure.

  2. Hey I Need Masterbation Tips Cos Im A Beginner, I Would Like To Learn How, Cos It Would Be Somthing Different For Me To Do && I Like Changes To My Life, I Am Engaged But I Would Like To Learn How, Cos When He Is Not In The Mood && I Am I Could Fnish It For My Self When He Goes To Sleep...So I Really Needs Ya HELP On This One....

    Thank You

    Needy Help.....

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