Marussia’s 2012 challenger passes crash tests for the 2012 season – Formula 1 news

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Marussia’s 2012 challenger passes crash tests for the 2012 season – Formula 1 news
Marussia has passed its crash tests and is now eligible to take part in the season.
Marussia along with HRT were the only two teams to fail the crash tests made compulsory by FIA for all cars to pass in order to participate in the pre-season tests and the season as well.
Marussia delayed the launch of their new car in order to get more time to develop the car and had targeted the second pre-season test but the crash test failure disallowed them to take any part in the second and the final pre-season test.
Pat Symonds confirmed that Marussia has passed and was pleased that the last hurdle has been overcome but conceded that it will be a difficult ordeal to take on the season without any track time.
Now the team must look to get the best start possible in the opening race of the season in order to keep up with other cars on the grid. It may turn out to be a risk as the new car has not been tested in racing conditions.
Most teams have shown technical difficulties throughout the pre-season testing and only after tweaking their cars, it seems that they are ready to take on the season.
“After a challenging few weeks for the team, we are pleased to have overcome the last hurdle of the final FIA-observed crash test, which we passed today,” Symonds said. “The component in question actually passed an 'unobserved' crash test but has been performing
inconsistently in the observed tests. The previous fail was only marginal so we needed to have a slightly more robust solution in place. A few minor adjustments to the original concept of the component was all that was required.”
Symonds added that the team is now focussed on the challenges ahead and look to Melbourne for the season opener.
Marussia’s direct competitors are considered to be HRT and Caterham, while HRT are still trying to pass the crash test of their new car, Caterham has looked good on track. Marussia will look to close the gap and ending the season in the top ten will be considered
an achievement. The season begins on March 18, 2012.



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