Martin Johnson to decide his future with English side in next two weeks - Rugby News

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Martin Johnson to decide his future with English side in next two weeks - Rugby News
The manager of the English Rugby Union team, Martin Johnson, has been given a deadline of two weeks to decide his future with the team after England’s early exit from Rugby World Cup 2011. England was knocked out by France on October 8 as they failed to
deliver against a side which was struggling with its performance in the last two matches. France stepped in the field with two defeats in their last both outings and bounced back in the tournament with a tremendous performance. The acting chief of Rugby Football
Union, Martyn Johnson, told the media on October 13 that the manager will be given a chance to decide his own future in the next two weeks.
England performed well in the Pool matches and won all four matches in a comfortable way. They were sure of making their place in the semi-final stages when they faced France in the first hurdle of the knock-out stages but the shock defeat at the hands of
the rusty French side shattered their dreams of crossing the second hurdle.
England started off their RWC campaign in an unimpressive way when they faced Argentina in the inaugurating match. However, they crushed Georgia by a handsome margin of 41-10 in the next match to right the wrongs of the last encounter.
Their best performance of the tournament was seen against Romania as they thumped the rivals by great difference of 67-3. Again they registered a close win over Scotland in their last group match of the world showpiece.
The acting chief of Rugby Football Union, Martyn Johnson stated that, “I've given him in fact seven to 14 days to advise me of the position. I had a meeting with Rob Andrew on the Monday. I asked Rob, as his line manager, to speak to him and say we need
answers as to whether he wishes to seek to stay in the post, not that it's his decision to remain.”
The RFU chief further told the media about the tour and said that, “The players were extensively counselled and coached on the implications of this tour and the conduct that was required of them was made clear to them.”
Johnson is reported to announce any decision regarding his future in the next few days.



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