Mark Williams on song in 2012 Asian PTC events – Snooker Update

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Mark Williams on song in 2012 Asian PTC events – Snooker Update
Former two-time World Snooker Champion and one of the top guns of snooker, Wales’ Mark Williams has got a superb start in the Guotai Liqueur 2012 Asian Players Tour Championship (APTC) Event 1 in Zhangjiagang, China with some classy wins in the first two
rounds of the tournament. The Welshmen is in full swing and it seems the event will witness him clinching the first APTC event title.
The Welsh Potting Machine started his APTC campaign tremendously with a classy victory over Zhou Yuelong of China by the score line of 4-1 in the opening round of the tournament. This victory gave a new boost to his energy and confidence which helped him
win his second clash against Cai Jianzhong by the score line of 4-3.
His opening match was a piece of cake for the veteran potter as he had just a rookie against him. He did not have to sweat much and defeated him by 4-1. However, the next match was a real tussle because his opponent showed impressive talent of his snooker
skills and almost unnerved Williams with his cue spark.
Williams seemed helpless against him in the first session of the match but after that he controlled the pressure he was feeling and played with the ease of mind to beat him by the score line of 4-3.
Despite the fact that the Welsh potter was unable to win many major ranking snooker events in the previous season, his performance in the Asian snooker tournaments has been remarkable. So far he has won six Asian snooker tournaments which proved that he
is adaptable to the Asian conditions and can unsettle any one at the Asian baize.
Recently, the snooker supervising organisation, World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBSA) made the decision to add three more PTC events which will commence in China by the title of Asian Players Tour Championship.
The World Snooker Chairman, Barry Hearn announced about the addition of these new snooker events during the proceedings of the 2012 World Snooker Championship at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield. He also added a major ranking snooker event of the title
International Snooker Championship, having the same status as the World Snooker Championship in China.



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