Mark Williams beats Mark Selby to win the final of German Masters 2011 – Snooker news

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Mark Williams beats Mark Selby to win the final of German Masters 2011 – Snooker news
The German Masters final that was held after 14 years has been won by the Welshman Mark Williams.

Previously, the German Masters was held in 1998 whose runner-up was again Mark Williams against one of the legends in snooker John Parrot. But winning German Masters this time, held after a decade, Mark Williams showed his commitment and dedication
for the game.
Mark Williams, the two-time world champion and world’s number 3 ranking player, had a comfortable win against his Welsh fellow professional Dominic Dale in the quarter-final before reaching the final after beating Marco Fu, in the semi-final, by a
frame score of 6-3. On the contrary, Mark Selby, former Crucible Finalist, reached the final after jumping over Graeme Dott by a 6-4 frame score.
John Higgins the world’s number 1 snooker player and the highest break holder in the German Masters, had to withdraw as his father passed away. Mark Williams had become the favourite afterwards. However, it was Selby who took the first frame after
making a break of 82 making the scores 1-0.
Mark Williams bounced back and took the next two frames in a row making the scores 2-1. He made a break of 56 in his first and made a magnificent 108 in his second frame. The pair traded a couple of frames then and in the first half, Mark Williams
had a lead of 5-3, which was then extended to 7-4 in the mid-session. In the meanwhile Mark Williams had produced another marvellous 105 century break, his fourth in the tournament.
It was a tense final with five re-racks. After the mid-session Mark Selby clawed his way back and levelled the score by 7-7 after winning 3 frames in a row, as he did in the Snooker Masters 2010 against Ronnie, shifting the pressure on Mark Williams.
The 14th frame could have won easily by Williams but somehow he lost his nerves a bit and missed an easy yellow allowing Selby to take away the frame.
Mark Williams after having a close battle with his opponent 76-49 took the 15th frame and only needed 1 more frame to have the trophy. The frame score was 8-7 now in a best-of-seventeen frame match.
Mark Williams broke the 16th frame. Selby tried for a safety but somehow did not execute it the best way as he left Mark Williams with a long pot, which he did and snookered Selby afterwards behind the yellow.

However, Selby made it but Williams again gave him a good safety shot behind the green. It should have not been much difficult for Selby but he could not produce a good safety shot and made the cue ball canon yellow, while bringing it back.
Mark Williams was left with a long pot again but this time it was much crucial as the reds were open and a miss could have given his opponent a great frame winning chance. However, the reliable left-handed Welsh player played an excellent shot landing
into a bunch of easy reds.
Mark Williams then produced a wonderful break of 82 to win the German Masters trophy and waived his hand to the crowd.



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