Marcus Campbell joins second round line-up trashing Stephen Lee in Round 1 of 2012 Wuxi Classic

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Marcus Campbell joins second round line-up trashing Stephen Lee in Round 1 of 2012 Wuxi Classic
Matches of the opening round of 2012 Wuxi Classic snooker tournament finished with end of initial round match between the Scotsman Marcus Campbell and the winner of the 2011-12 Players Tour Championship (PTC) Grand Finals, England’s Stephen Lee where Campbell
earned his first victory by the score line of 5-1.
The spectators came to the Wuxi Sports Center arena in Wuxi, China to see one of the toughest games of the tournament but they did not get what they wished as Campbell did not let his opponent trouble him during the clash. In reply to Lee’s one frame win,
the Scotsman gave him a major blow of five frame wins to ensure his success and booking in the second round of the tournament where he will meet Fergal O’Brien.
In his post match interview with World Snooker, Campbell said, “I found the conditions quite tough again so I wore a glove as I just seemed to be able to get through the ball a lot easier. I think in future when I play out here when it's as sticky as it
is here I'll probably use it again.”
He added, “After about three shots I decided to put it on because I didn't feel as though I was getting through the white and it helped me a lot. Towards the end I wasn't feeling that good but the balls were going in and I made a couple of nice breaks to
finish the game that was pleasing.”
Due to the playing conditions at the venue, the competitors are finding it hard to play comfortably on the baize but the pair of Campbell and Lee figured out how to cope with the conditions and maintained a steady run in the match. However, Campbell was
careful against Lee as he knew the strong areas of his opponent.
The first session of the match finished in Campbell’s side because he nudged Lee two frames down at 3-1. Lee failed to register even a single frame win against Campbell in the second session of the match and easily slipped down against him. The Scot, on
the other hand, had a psychological advantage over his opponent because of his lead so he kept him under pressure and won the contest 5-1.



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