Manchester City looking to land Edin Dzeko but keep close check on Fernando Torres as well

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Manchester City looking to land Edin Dzeko but keep close check on as well
Manchester City are looking content on the fact that they will be able to land Edin Dzeko at the turn of the new year. However, the team was recently given a slight set back, when they were told that if they want to land the player, they would have to pay
around thirty eight million pounds for him.
City seem more than ready to part with that cash as Roberto seems to have identified Dzeko to be the man, to save City’s season. By save, the manager means that City have had a rather tough time at maintaining their stay in the top four of the league
and the manager strongly feels that, the reason for that is the strikers at the club finding it hard to find the back of the net as often as they are required to. As a result, the manager is looking to turn to the high firing Dzeko to try and ensure that the
team scores as many goals as he would like them to and in-turn this would ensure the team a spot in the top four, come the end of the season.
Mancini however being the smart man that he is, is not looking to put all his eggs in one basket. The manager while eyeing Dzeko is also keeping close tabs on Fernando Torres at the same time. This is because the manger feels that if his attempts to land
the Wolfsburg captain fall short, then he would like a player like Torres to join the team instead. The only reason for City to be monitoring Torres all over again, is the fact that they no longer see him to be an unrealistic target, as a result of recent
developments at the club.
City are also rumoured to be willing to fork out fifty million pounds for Torres as a back-up. But, how City manage to see fifty million pounds for a player to be their back-up, is something that no one in the footballing world can seem to recognize.
The fact that Mancini is looking to lure Torres away from the clutches of Liverpool is no new story. The manager has been trying to do that for quite some time now, but according to most experts the manager has the most realistic chances of landing the player
now, as compared to before.
The new owners at the team have recently indicated that they are looking to make profits and willing to allow a number of unhappy players leave in the hopes of achieving that goal. If City were to make a significant bid for the player, then the team would
more than likely end up seriously considering letting their number 9 leave.
All in all, it would not prove to be all bad news for This is because if they are to accept fifty million pounds for Torres, then they could potentially go on to rebuild their team for the future. This in turn would help the team rebuild itself
from the ground up. At the current moment in time, that looks like the only possible solution to the team getting out of the slump that they are in at the moment.



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