Los Angeles Kings hope to silence critics as they take on Colorado Avalanche–NHL Preview

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Los Angeles Kings hope to silence critics as they take on Colorado Avalanche – NHL Preview
Los Angeles Kings are still in the safe zone and are barely clinging to the eighth spot in National Hockey League (NHL) Western Conference, but their position might not stay intact for a long time, because other teams are winning games and Kings are not.
To ensure their stay in the safe zone, Kings have to overcome another playoff contender from the same conference, Colorado Avalanche, on Wednesday, February 22, 2012, at Pepsi Center, Denver, Colorado.
For Avalanche, reaching the playoffs is the dream, which could only be achieved if the team shows consistency.
Let’s have a look at both the teams.
Kings won their first game of this month, but could not build on the performance. They lost two games before getting another victory, which was ensued by two more defeats.
After snapping that skid, Kings have lost three straight games, facing defeats against Phoenix Coyotes (1-0), Calgary Flames (1-0) and Phoenix Coyotes (5-4 after shootout).
In the recent defeat against Coyotes, Kings got a three-goal lead in the first period, but could not protect it and eventually lost the game.
Kings’ defenseman, Drew Doughty, said after the loss:
“There's no way a team, especially a team like us, a good, solid defensive team, should be blowing a three-goal lead. It's entirely our fault. We played well in the first and we didn't play well in the next two periods. We need to look back and see what
we did well. Our focus is playing well for 60 minutes, and we easily should have had that game."
Kings have 66 points after 60 games.
Avalanche have played eight games this month.
Out of the four games played on home ice, they won two, whereas on road they could only get one victory.
Their recent defeat came against Winnipeg Jets, who completely dominated the game.
After the scoreless first period, Jets managed three goals in the second and two in the final, while Avalanche had to settle with only one goal in the second period.
Colorado’s forward, Matt Duchene, termed the defeat ‘a big loss this time of the year’.
Avalanche are ranked at 11th spot in the Western Conference with 62 points after 60 games.
Kings might win the game.
The sum of goals scored by both the teams might stay under six.
In case of Avalanche’s victory, the winning margin will be less than two goals.



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