Looking for reunion challenger tennis betting tips.

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I am planing to bet on challenger tour tennis events, and would like to know the latest and updated, reunion challenger tennis betting tips. As I want to secure my challenger tennis betting profits.




  1. There are lots of Challenger Tour events this week for us to get our teeth into at Free Tennis Betting Tips.

    Sometimes these games aren’t priced up until it’s too late – even we have to sleep – but let’s get rolling with a bet on the Reunion Challenger, an oddity of an event in one of the remotest islands on the globe.

    In the first round, we like Augustin Gensse to see of Philipp Oswald. Gensse had some encouraging results at the end of 2010 and reached the semi-finals of the Challenger in Noumea to start this year. Oswald’s ranking has dropped outside the 400′s and he has mainly had to try and rebuild on the futures circuit. Gensse has solid groundstrokes, as is shown by his efforts on clay and should be to strong for his Austrian opponent.

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