Looking for info on low trajectory golf balls.?

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Does any know if low tragectory golf balls can make a difference for someone who wants to hit the ball lower, ecpecially on drives? If so, what kind do you recomend without breaking the wallet? Thanks.




  1. If you're looking to lower your trajectory, you need to look at more than just the ball.  The ball is probably far down the list of priorities for changing your ball flight.  Do not expect to see a noticable difference in trajectory when changing JUST your ball of choice.

  2. ball effect very little with trajectory. Its more depend on how your swing... Anyway the lower lofted of the driver will help little bit, maybe you can use 9 degree driver, or maybe lower..

    I saw a tips, but not remember from who... by tee up your ball little higher will make the ball lower and further, because if you tee up your ball too low, many amateur player try to scoop the ball instead of swing the club.

  3. The ball has little to nothing to do with trajectory.  You need to look at the kickpoint on your shaft and the loft on your clubhead.  You want a mid-high kickpoint for a lower trajecory, and a low lofted driver.  Low tajectory balls are a gimick no matter what the salesman says.

  4. no nike bal drift

  5. Matt -

    Yes the ball has some effect. Titleist is making a ball this year called the DT Roll....see it here:

    The aerodynamics are's about dimple size....large dimples mean the ball will catch the air more and rise, and smaller dimples mean the ball with cut through the air and fall more quickly.

    There's an article about it in this month's Golf Digest:

    Plus here's an older Golf Digest article on the subject:

    Plus Golf Digest rates balls every year:

    Good Luck!

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