Liverpool’s season will be a failure if they don’t finish fourth says Glen Johnson

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Johnson says that Liverpool must finish fourth in the current Premier League season otherwise their season will be considered a failure despite the arrival of the Carling Cup trophy at the club this season...
The former and Portsmouth defender has come out and made it clear that Liverpool are ambitious this season and want to finish fourth despite of their recent success in the Carling Cup. The Reds have come under pressure
and their manager Kenny Dalglish has come under criticism of late as his team failed to win against Arsenal in their latest league tie at Anfield.’s main problem has been in their offensive department as the Merseyside giants have found it hard to
score goals on a consistent basis even at their home stadium.
The former UEFA Champions League winners might miss out on the UEFA Champions League next season if they fail to usurp Arsenal’s ten point advantage, a task that seems hard at the moment considering that the Reds have their own
injury problems.
Dalglish has made it clear that Liverpool will try their best to take the fourth place spot this season but their chances of doing so remain bleak at best. Johnson said, “I think the season would still be a failure if we miss out
on the Champions League. That was the main objective. The idea was to finish in the top four, no doubt about it. Definitely the main thing for this season and every season is finishing in the top four.”
He added, “We’re 10 points behind now so it’s going to be tough, we need a lot of luck but until it’s mathematically impossible we will keep trying. But I think everyone is pleased we’ve got a trophy. Hopefully we’ll pick
up another one and you never know about the top four.” Dalglish will hope that his troops can pull together and string a good run of results together till the end of the season but they also want Arsenal to drop points, something that is not in their hands.



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