Liverpool not interested in loaning out Ryan Babel

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Premier league giants Liverpool are not interested in any loan move for forward Ryan Babel and have rejected the loan offer from Birmingham City.
Birmingham City lack the much needed attacking force and have been after the signature of the 24 year old for a long time. Alex Mcleish considered a move for the player this summer but was left disappointed yet again as the offer was rejected by the Reds.
Other premier league clubs including Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham United are also interested in a move for the 24 year old.
Since his arrival at the club from Dutch Giants Ajax, Babel has not managed to make an impact at Anfield. Come this transfer window, Babel’s future at the club would still come under fire and Birmingham has reported given a brand new offer for the Dutch
International. Birmingham lacks an explosive attacker needed to score goals, as the side has just managed to score one in each of their encounters this season.
However, a move is less likely to take place as Roy Hodgson has vowed to work with the given players and would reject any move for Babel. Liverpool are currently 9th in the premier league and need to step up their performances. With
not finding the form away from home, it would be up to youngsters like Ryan Babel to step up to the plate.
Roy Hodgson's side face today and a win would see them back into the top six. Failure to win at Anfield would further sink the side into the bottom half of the table. Liverpool have failed to live up to their past glory and this would be the second
consecutive year that they would be out of the champions league.



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