Light Touch likely to perform well at Romford – Bonus Series (Heat 1) Preview

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Light Touch likely to perform well at Romford – Bonus Series (Heat 1) Preview
Light Touch seems to be in a favourable position to finish first in the Heat 1 contest of Owners’ Bonus Series which is scheduled to be held at Romford racecourse on Wednesday night, March 21.
The Grade S1 race of 575m Flat distance will commence at 20:19 (GMT). The total prize money for the event is £140.
Light Touch is geared up to compete against Colyrow Lass’, Lismadine Sarah, Capel Foxy, Monas Magic and Bread Knife.
The J. Reynolds-trained brindle b***h has been at the peak of her form since the beginning of the calendar year. The brilliant b***h bagged a couple of consecutive victories during January 2012.
After winning a big race by a big margin of 10 ¾ lengths on March 6, she went on to finish first in her last outing on March 15.
 The daughter of Boherduff Light out of Ardbeg Spark has accomplished a number of runner-up ranks in her career. Since making her debut in October 2011, she has been performing consistently.
At the moment, the maverick b***h is packed with winning momentum which will help her thrive in tonight’s contest. Her chances to win are as high as 90 percent.
Out of the b***h’s competitors, Bread Knife and Monas Magic seem to be strong enough.
Bread Knife won two races during the first month of the calendar year. The black and white dog gained a runner-up rank in a race on February 27. He went on to accomplish another triumph on March 10. Overall, he possesses an epic track record.
On the other hand, Monas Magic has been performing marvellously since the dawn of this year. Following his decent triumph in the month of January, the trainee of M. Lucas won two races in a row during February. The blue dog finished second in another outing
in the same month.
With both these hounds being in good form, success is going to be a herculean task for Light Touch. Let us see how the b***h manages to make her way towards victory. Good luck to her.
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