Li Xuerui overwhelms Nichaon Jindapon in Women’s Singles round-of-16 at Badminton Asia Championships

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Li Xuerui overwhelms Nichaon Jindapon in Women’s Singles round-of-16 at Badminton Asia Championships
China’s Li Xuerui showed her class when she secured her berth in Women’s Singles quarter-final after trouncing Thailand’s Nichaon Jindapon in the round-of-16 encounter at Badminton Asia Championships 2012 on Thursday, April 19, in China.
The World Number 4 Xuerui, who is also fourth seeded player in Women’s Singles draw of the championship, played with aggression and did not take much time in beating her rival without losing any game.
The higher ranked Xuerui played with impressive precision and consumed just 36 minutes to overwhelm her Thai opponent in a striking fashion.
On the other hand, the lower ranked Jindapon tried to match the speed and skills of her Chinese opponent but failed to play positive badminton.
She could not stop the aggressive run of Xuerui and lost the encounter in a one-sided manner without putting up a strong resistance.
Xuerui was the favourite to win this Women’s Singles pre-quarter-final battle and she made her fans sheered by putting up a strong and impressive show.
In the opening set, Xuerui did not waste any time and took over the control of rallies. She played with precision and missed no chance to build lead over her lower ranked Thai opponent.
In the meanwhile, Jindapon failed to play fast game as her movement was quite slow and she took the bird late which helped Xuerui to remain in commanding position.
Until the one-minute interval, Xuerui was moving ahead on the board with a remarkable lead.
After the break, Xuerui remained consistent in the court as she did not play hasty strokes and managed to bag the opening set with a sensational 21-7 margin on the board.
In the following set, Jindapon elevated her play and remained close to Xuerui in opening half. Until the mid-game interval, both ladies were proceeding closely on the score board.
After the break, Xuerui again took over the charge and dictated the pace of rallies to take a reasonable lead.
The Chinese maintained her positive run in the contest and grabbed the second set with a 21-16 margin on the board.
Xuerui emerges as the winner against Jindapon in 36 minutes with a spectacular score of 21-7 and 21-16.



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