Lady Cecil gets a temporary trainer’s license – Horseracing News

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Lady Cecil gets a temporary trainer’s license – Horseracing News
Lady Cecil has been granted a temporary license by the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) after her husband Sir Henry Cecil passed away on Tuesday, June 11, 2013. The stallions to compete under her name will race at Newbury, Nottingham,
Yarmouth and Leopardstown.
After the demise of the veteran trainer, it was unclear whether his horses will appear in their scheduled races. However, a green signal to all of the runners has been given, which is good news for all of the horseracing fans and
the organisers at different venues.
Leopardstown’s racing and operations manager Nessa Joyce was really happy with the positive decision taken and said that even Sir Cecil would have done the same, had he been in a similar situation.
She claimed, “We'll certainly be having a minute's silence for Sir Henry and the whole thing will be handled very tastefully. It's extremely tragic news, but I think, as other people have said, Henry would want the show to go on.
Mr Cecil did not have too many runners here, but I think everyone in Ireland appreciated what a brilliant trainer and man he was.”
Joyce went onto say, “The outpouring of emotion from people shows he was held in such high regard and having a minute's silence will give people the opportunity to pay their respects.”
Although there are some highly skilful stallions, who will be running under Lady Cecil from now onwards, the one to watch out for will be Morpheus, who is a half brother to one of the finest ever stallions ever, Frankel.
The latter of the two remained unbeaten in his 14-race career and Sir Cecil doubted that anyone would ever match his performances in the sport.
Even his half brother is no way near to achieve that, as he has not yet won any race in his career. He has appeared in three races until now and the best he could manage was a runner up place once.
However, Morpheus might not have got proper attention of his ailing trainer, thus it will not be ideal to judge him on the current record. It will be interesting to see how well he performs under Lady Cecil.



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