Kim Clijsters and other Wimbledon challengers

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Venus and Serena Williams have dominated at Wimbledon over the past decade, but who are the main challengers to their supremacy? Of all the potential contenders, one name stands out above all others - that of US Open champion Kim Clijsters. But the Belgian isn't the only one who could take the title out of the Williams' hands.

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  1. Brian
    My thoughts are the same as yours. I'd like to see her do it, but she's still a bit cold from her lay off

  2. Not really. I know she's a past champion, but hasn't defeated a player inside the top 40 all year. After all her injury problems in the past couple of years though, I'd be happy if Sharapova proves me wrong. Your thoughts?
  3. Brian
    Do you rate Sharapova's chances?
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