Kim Andersen not satisfied with Andy Schleck’s 2012 performance

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Kim Andersen not satisfied with Andy Schleck’s 2012 performance
Team RadioShack-Nissan Sports Director Kim Andersen has noted that Andy Schleck must not blame the knee injury for his dipping performance in the 2012 season.
The cyclist revealed that he had a knee treatment earlier in May 2012 which was the main reason behind his struggle during the first part of the season.
Andy has not opened his 2012 winning account after a tremendous 2011 campaign, and it appears as if Andersen sees at things a little differently.
He briefed that Schleck underwent a minor surgery which was over in a couple of days without any complications.
Kim does not think that the treatment has anything to do with Andy’s struggle and does not justify his zero wins after the first half of the season.
He told, “It only lasted two or three days. It was nothing special and they didn't find anything”.
“I don't think it especially hurt his form, but every training day you miss puts you back”.
While commenting on Andy’s chances at Tour de France he voiced, “I can't tell you. But he says himself that he will be so we must assume so.” Or are there reasons to worry? “I don't know”.
Andy is considered as one of the best stage race cyclist with as many as seven Grand Tour appearances under his belt.
He finished second during the Giro d’Italia 2007 and also holds two Tour de France second place finishes to his credit.
The 26-year-old finished second during the 2009 and the 2011 versions of the Tour de France and achieved the first overall spot during the 2010 edition of the French Grand Tour.
Andy commented on his struggling form, “Therefore it is not surprising that I am behind the competition in the Dauphiné.
“Of course I would prefer to show a better condition, but if you look at the preparations, it makes sense”.
“I think that I have gotten better over the past three days. I don't feel the panic which some other people feel because I was dropped in the first stage. I'm not panicking”.
Schleck is currently testing his legs at the Criterium du Dauphine and it will be interesting to see if Andy finds the right form ahead of the Tour de France 2012.



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