Kasey Kahne qualifies for Sprint Cup race

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Kasey Kahne qualifies for Sprint Cup race

Kasey Kahne, at Infineon Raceway, won the pole and qualified for the Sprint Cup race on Sunday. Kasey drove the same car he won last year's race on the road course. Kahne at present looks good, even though he himself is confused as to what he will do in 2011. Rumours nowadays are that the Richard Petty Motorsports (RPM) driver has already signed a deal with Hendrick Motorsports and will race for them in 2012.

Hendrick will drive car No. 5 for Richard Petty Motorsports which seems confusing. The car’s current driver Mark Martin has firmly commented that he is not leaving next year and will remain with RPM. According to some gossip, Martin and Kahne both would leave Red Bull Racing (RBR). Also that RBR is planning to drive Chevrolet instead of Toyota, with Hendrick Motor Sports HMS support. This decision was speculated last year before Red Bull again made contact with Toyota till 2012.

There is some news that Kahne will be part of Phoenix Racing team and will drive the No. 9 car with HMS help. Kahne had a discussion with Hendrick during which next year’s plan never came up, as Kahne at the moment is least worried about it.

When Kurt Busch told Roush Fenway Racing that he would not continue with them after the 2005 session, it became bad between him and the management. This issue became worse when Jack Roush owner of Roush Fenway Racing suspended him for two races. After, Busch was pulled over for the suspicion of driving under the influence, which later turned to be false.

Most organizations do not permit their drivers from attending team meetings. The reason is that they want to secure the secrets they are working on, so it is not taken by another team.

Kahne’s decision of leaving the organization and signing a deal with Richard Petty Motorsports is totally his choice and nobody can blame him. He is moving towards an organization which has won nine of the past 15 Cup championships. On Kahne’s decision, Robbie Loomis, Richard Petty Motorsports RPM director, commented that nobody could have turned down this kind of offer as it will play an important role in his future.

Kahne finished second at last weeks’ race at Michigan and returned with confidence to Sonoma, where he won his first road course race in 2009. Kahne later on said that his only objective is to finish with good results in the race. He added that he wants to do everything possible to become the best driver of the year and to be committed to his team.

Kahne meanwhile shows no sign of pressure nor does his team. They are confident that they can do well on the track as they will be hitting the track with their pace cars. That has given quality performances in the races this season. Kahne himself is without any stress on the track, even though his best finish here was 23 before winning last year. This track is a nightmare for him but still he is not worried and seems positive.

Kahne said that he would give his top best next year after he signs his deal with Rick. Kahne added that whatever Rick has in store for him next year it will be perfect and he looks forward to it. Kahne qualified for the Sunday race after he won the pole on Friday and is positive that he would give good results in Sunday’s Sprint Cup race at Infineon Raceway.



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