‘KO Kings’ will need no judges, insists Richard Schaefer – Boxing News

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‘KO Kings’ will need no judges, insists Richard Schaefer – Boxing News
After Manny Pacquiao’s shocking WBO Welterweight title loss to Timothy Bradley via split decision, most boxing fans and fighters believe judges are no longer required in the sport and that more technology should be introduced. At least, that is how the card
‘KO Kings’ will have it. According to Golden Boy Promotions’ CEO Richard Schaefer, the card was planned way before the split decision loss of Pacquiao. However, he added, that the loss has led many to believe that this is the best way to handle things.
The event is being highlighted by Saul ‘Canelo Alvarez and Jhonny Gonzalez’s title defence bouts on September 15. The card will have a total of four bouts. Two of the fights are yet not decided but will be announced soon.
Schaefer revealed, “We wanted to put together a fight card that would keep the judges at home. We're not here to discuss that (Pacquiao) fight. But September 15 you can leave your scorecards at home.”
He added, “It really is no reference to what happened this past weekend.”
Talking about why the event will only have knocking out opponents as a way of winning the fight, Schaefer said, “You cannot leave it up to the judges, especially with $100,000 on the line.”
Not only this event, most fight analysts are now of the view that judges should not be a part of the sport anymore. Bob Arum, promoter for Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley, believes the judges on Saturday night at Pacquiao vs. Bradley were old and did
not know much about boxing. After the decision was announced, Arum mourned it by saying he has never been as ashamed of the sport as he was on Saturday.
Similarly, fans and celebrities all around the world mourned the decision including fighter Amir Khan, singer and actor Justin Timberlake, rapper Snoop Dog and 50 Cents.
The event ‘Knockout Kings’ will have no judges in the arena and the only way out for fighters will be to knockout their opponents. Unlike standard boxing matches, this one will have every match ending in a knockout, which will eliminate the chances of doubting
the victor.



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