Johan Bruyneel not happy with Frank Schleck’s Giro exit

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Johan Bruyneel not happy with Frank Schleck’s Giro exit
Frank Schleck joined Team RadioShack-Nissan after the merger of Team Leopard Trek and Team RadioShack for the 2012 season.
Johan Bruyneel is the team’s General Manager and he has shown great faith in the Schleck brothers.
Andy Schleck finished second during the Tour de France 2011 and will lead the team at the coming edition of the French Grand Tour.
Andy’s brother, Frank occupied the third podium spot during the most recent edition of the event and was expected to support his brother in the coming edition of the race.
Jakob Fuglsang was all set to lead the Luxembourg team at the first Grand Tour of the season, the Giro d’Italia but could not pursue his goals because of the health constraints.
Frank Schleck was given the opportunity to replace Fuglsang at the Italian Grand Tour and the cyclist was looking good for an overall victory at the race.
However, the cyclist’s crash during the stage 11 of the race has now ruled him out of contention for an overall win.
The 32-year-old was holding the 13th overall spot after the stage 10 classifications and collided with Alex Rasmussen.
The crash has now destroyed his chances at the Giro which has caused conflicts between Frank and his Team Manager.
Bruyneel is not certain whether Schleck’s injuries are enough to quit the Giro, which is the main reason behind the narrowing relations between the two. quoted Johan as saying, "I cannot say much ... but I am surprised and disappointed by his statement”.
“This morning I had hoped that he could finish on the podium, I was convinced that his condition was good enough to finish among the best".
"As far as I'm concerned, his physical condition is good. There is an injury”.
“It will probably be a problem sometimes to stay with the best guys but it's definitely not an injury to consider an abandon," he concluded.
It was believed that the main reason behind Frank’s departure from the Giro is because he has the Tour de France at the back of his mind.
While commenting on Frank’s inclusion at the Tour squad, Johan replied that the final decision has not yet been made.



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