Jessica Simpson or Jennifer Garner?

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Jessica Simpson or Jennifer Garner?




  1. Jessica she's hotter  

  2. Jessica.

  3. Jessica for a week or so. Garner for life!

  4. Garner all the way...

  5. jessica simpson no question

    oh yer

  6. Jennifer Garner.

    Jessica Simpson is an air-head with just a tiny bit of talent.

  7. Jennifer all the way

  8. jessica simpson

  9. Jennifer Garner ALL THE WAY. She's actually TALENTED.

  10. i hate them both  

  11. I'm afraid that Garner has been forever tainted by Ben Affleck.  Simpson is the winner here.  

  12. i agree with z1.

  13. hmmm thats hard i like them both

    hotter;  jessica

    bad asser; jennifer


  14. Jessica Simpson because Jennifer Garner is married and pregnant again

  15. Jessica Simpson

    ( Please Help With This Question );...

  16. garner

  17. Well if i really had to choose it would be jessica but i should have to choose and have both  

  18. jessica

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