Jason Garrett likely to stay on as Dallas Cowboys head coach

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Jason Garrett likely to stay on as Dallas Cowboys head coach
Jason Garrett might have to change his title from interim head coach of the Dallas Cowboys to simply head coach.
Jerry Jones, owner and general manager of the ‘Boys, wants a permanent head coach as soon as possible with the due date set for the end of next week. After Dallas beat the Philadelphia Eagles 14-13 on Sunday, Jones implied that he may start the interviewing
process on Monday and that some of the interviews don’t have to take place at Valley Ranch; their headquarters.
"From this moment on, I'm going to be really busy visiting about our coaching [vacancy], visiting [candidates], getting the job done that needs to be done," Jones said. He added, "Like I said before the game, there hadn't been any decision made. There hadn't
had an interview, but there will be a lot of them done - I don't want to say a lot of them - done in a short timeframe."
A number of sources say that Garrett is the man to beat for the job. Jones heavily indicated that he would keep the job after Sunday’s win, when he was asked if the new coach would have any hand in hiring the remaining staff.
"That is certainly something that Jason needs to have input in," Jones said. "By the way, Jason had input in many of the staff members we have right now."
Even so, Jones still has to interview candidates. Jones hinted that he may interview a potential head coach on Sunday night, with one of the first candidates to be interviewed to be Wide Receivers Coach Ray Sherman. The National Football League (NFL) rules
say that all teams must interview a minority to meet the requirements of the Rooney Rule. At least one more candidate will have to be interviewed in order to satisfy the Rooney Rule.
Jones wants the process to be over as soon as possible so that the team can move forward and make changes to the roster and staff. Garrett finished the season with a 5-3 record, with three road wins. 



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