James Anderson reckons Mumbai victory as one of the best - Cricket News Roundup – Part 1 – December 01, 2012

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James Anderson reckons Mumbai victory as one of the best - Cricket News Roundup – Part 1 – December 01, 2012
England pacer,, believes England’s win against India in the second Test played in Mumbai was one of the greatest wins for his team. won the match by ten wickets and managed to level the four-match series currently underway.
“The fact is we really wanted to prove a point as well. It was quite easy for everyone to say we were going to lose 4-0 after that first Test, but we kept believing that we could actually cause an upset in this series,” said the pacer.
Expressing desire to continue England’s winning streak, he said, “We definitely feel like we can keep improving and maybe the seamers will take a couple more wickets too.”
After many Indian cricketers who have supported has asked Sachin’s critics to leave him alone and give him the respect that the phenomenal batsman deserves.
Sachin, who has scored only 29 runs in the first and second Test against England, has been criticized immensely in the Indian media, where many have argued that perhaps the time has come for the batsman to bid farewell to the game he once ruled.
However, Kumble while backing Sachin said, “There have been instances when he has been the sole reason for India's wins, but he has never been the sole reason for India's losses.”
After losing the second Test by ten wickets at Mumbai, all guns are pointing at
Meanwhile, Tendulkar has refrained from releasing any statements regarding his poor form or his retirement plans. believes Pakistan has the talent to register victories against any team anywhere in the world.
Talking about a tough time.
"I see this series as a big platform for us as a team to show the world that we are capable of beating anyone anywhere,” said Hafeez.
Both sides will face each other in two T20s and three ODIs in a bilateral series that will be the first since the 2008 attacks.



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